Vina Saver NACG Studio is a CG studio located in Danang, the third largest city in Vietnam.
The studio produces a variety of CG content, with a focus on effects for pachinko/pachislot.
Established through a joint venture with VINA SAVER CO., LTD. (Representative: SAN.VO,) the studio consists of top class Vietnamese designers that contribute to our global content production.

Vietnam’s Appeal

With a growing economy, young population and dynamic workforce,

Vietnam offers one of the best value propositions in the world when it comes to graphics.

NACG's Appeal

NACG actively recruits the best creators that Vietnam has to offer, and offers a team capable of producing high quality graphics.

Plans that work for you

NACG offers a variety of plan types, from single work orders,

to designating and reserving artists or teams to offer you cost effective solutions to your needs.

Japanese Specialist for Quality Control

Full Japanese language support offered by Japanese staff

Manager of Quality Control, Makoto Suzuki


Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  Graphics and Game Director
Level-5 Inc.
  White Knight Chronicles: Sub Director, Character Section
  Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: Director, Character Section
  Inazuma Eleven GO: Director, Character Section
Cygames Osaka
  Granblue Fantasy Relink: Product Manager of Character Section

Questions about our work or business?
Feel free to ask us anything.

Questions about our work or business?
Feel free to ask us anything.