OMOROI, from Osaka to The World

When you think of Osaka, what springs to mind?
Maybe Takoyaki, Tsutenkaku Tower, or maybe leopard print outfits?
Osaka has long held a reputation of being a little unpolished, perhaps.
But we do have Universal studios, up-and-coming comedians, fancy cafes and even the Dotonbori area, famous for the Glico Running Man sign – you can’t say we aren’t a flashy and vivid city!
The spirit that underpins the city of Osaka is that of OMOROI, an Osakan take on the Japanese word for “interesting,” and goes further to include meanings like fun, cool, and unconventional.
“That’s OMOROI!” you shout, and whatever you’re doing becomes more fun -such is the energetic power of OMOROI in Osaka.
It’s this power that we are transmitting from the heart of the commercial city of Osaka, to the rest of the world.

We are NatsumeAtari.

HD Studio (HARA HARA, DOKI DOKI = Thrilling) is a renowned for making thrilling games for the pachinko and pachislot industry.
・Over 20 years of development experience.
・Our capabilities cover the entire process of game planning, visuals and programming.
・We understand and make content from the perspective of both manufacturers and users
・Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced creators, many are alumni of manufacturers, with experience creating hit games.
Join us at NatsumeAtari and let’s create the next mega-hit together.