Mitsuhiro Koide

My mission is to “SPREAD HAPPY.”
To achieve this grand mission, I face each day with three principles when managing our daily business.

NatsumeAtari’s commitment to “OMOROI”

OMOROI is a local Osakan take on the Japanese word for “interesting,” and goes further to include meanings like fun, cool, and unconventional.
We create OMOROI content packed with entertainment value.

If your work is fun and OMOROI, you’ll proactively engage in it and enjoy cooperating with your colleagues.

If your workplace is OMOROI, your interpersonal relationships are stronger and you feel safer.

NatsumeAtari’s commitment to “Beauty”

“Beautiful” business relationships generate mutual benefits.

A well-ordered and disciplined organization is “beautiful.”

“Beautiful” workmanship and teamwork is a catalyst for business growth.

NatsumeAtari’s commitment to “Giving Back”

I always consider the following questions:

Is NatsumeAtari “giving back” to employees?

Is NatsumeAtari “giving back” to society?

If employees are “giving back,” then you are contributing to both your fellow colleagues and society.

We sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation with our company.
Mitsuhiro Koide

In order to realize our management philosophy, we have listed “5 items that we value”


Always sincere

Always appreciative

Always earnest


Act professionally, pursue professionalism

Products and Services

Packed with ideas, surprises, excitement, and soul


Build mutually respectful relationships and teamwork

Co-existence and Co-prosperity

Strive for mutual benefits for all who work with us